Circle of Interest

So for a while now I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up a blog, mainly just so I can write down all the things I’ve been thinking about before they fall out of my head and are lost forever, but also so I can Google myself later.  I’m going to stick to the norm and use my first blog post to describe the kind of things I’m interested in, and give a feel for what I’m planning to blog about in the future.

I’d come across this meme on a few other blogs where you map out all the things you care about within three expanding ovals. The inner circle describes all the things you are most interested in, and where your interest is growing. The middle circle lists things you are interested in, and have opinions on but where your interest has stabilised. The outer most circle contains the stuff you have been interested in, but are getting less and less interested about. Now this to me seemed like a pretty nifty way of giving some insight as to what im interested in!

So this is how my circle of interest turned out:


Watch this space, hopefully i’ll blog about some of these interests in the not too distant future!


About craigcav

Craig Cavalier works as a Software Developer for Liquid Frameworks in Houston Tx, developing field ticketing and job management solutions for industrial field service companies.

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  1. The circle of interest is a groovy idea and a great way to show interests at a glance. I look forward to the forthcoming installments.

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