Monthly Archives: February 2009

Active Blogger?!

Hmm. Perhaps not.

Over the last four months (has it really been that long?!) I’ve been very quiet in terms of blogging. Silent in fact. Over this time a lot has happened for me – I changed jobs (I now work for a company in London), I relocated from Bournemouth into “the city”, and then went on holiday…for a month and a half!

I have however been itching write a few posts and have a couple in mind that have yet to make it into digital form. Before I do though, I wanted to make some sample code available from my previous post. Although this code was really just a spike for me to try out the Entity Framework POCO Adapter, hopefully it may be of some use to someone.

The “Implementing a Customer Search Service with DDD, BDD and the Entity Framework” sample can be found on my skydrive here:


*DISCLAIMER* Please don’t consider this sample as anything more than just a spike – the code is quite far from best practice (for a start, I attempted to use an IOC container in my tests, YUCK!). *DISCLAIMER*