Active Blogger?!

Hmm. Perhaps not.

Over the last four months (has it really been that long?!) I’ve been very quiet in terms of blogging. Silent in fact. Over this time a lot has happened for me – I changed jobs (I now work for a company in London), I relocated from Bournemouth into “the city”, and then went on holiday…for a month and a half!

I have however been itching write a few posts and have a couple in mind that have yet to make it into digital form. Before I do though, I wanted to make some sample code available from my previous post. Although this code was really just a spike for me to try out the Entity Framework POCO Adapter, hopefully it may be of some use to someone.

The “Implementing a Customer Search Service with DDD, BDD and the Entity Framework” sample can be found on my skydrive here:


*DISCLAIMER* Please don’t consider this sample as anything more than just a spike – the code is quite far from best practice (for a start, I attempted to use an IOC container in my tests, YUCK!). *DISCLAIMER*


About craigcav

Craig Cavalier works as a Software Developer for Liquid Frameworks in Houston Tx, developing field ticketing and job management solutions for industrial field service companies.

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