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I’ve learnt so much from…

…reading blogs. This originally started with me stumbling along Los Techies (I believe it was a post by Jimmy Bogard), and adding this to my favourites. After doing the same for several other bloggers, this became unmanageable and a colleague of mine pointed me in the direction of the popular feed-reading service Google Reader.

I imagine that most people reading this right now probably will have their own RSS-feed aggregator, but if they haven’t, I would definitely recommend Google Reader as it makes it very easy to keep up with new posts. I currently use the Reader application on my iPhone while on the train to/from work, so I can us this “dead-time” productively.

According to Google Readers “trends” feature, on average I read 12 posts a day from my 53 subscriptions. A large amount of these seem to be posted by Oren aka Ayende Rahien – I have no idea how he manages to post so often, especially considering his posts are usually very thought provoking.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing all this was to share links to a few of the blog-authors I feel I’ve learnt the most from (you can see my Google Reader shared items here). These guys are super-smart (I mean clever rather than well dressed), and almost every post I read from them is a gem.

In no particular order:

  • Rob Conery – A fantastic, usually very entertaining writing style, with great content, especially on ASP.NET MVC. I’m also very jealous that he lives in Hawaii.
  • Jimmy Bogard – Every post is very clearly written and well thought out. A definite must-have on your feed-reader. Content generally covers things like SOLID principles, Agile development, and Doman-Driven Design. Author of to OSS tool AutoMapper.
  • Grey Young – A very inspiring blog, which I will read over-and over again. Content usually covers: DDD (specifically distributed domain-driven design), design patterns and agile development.
  • Jeremy Miller – I’ve got a lot of respect for this guy. He’s clearly a very intelligent chap. His blog often includes writing about: Software Architecture, Design Patterns, Test Driven Development, and Alt.Net. Author of the StructureMap IoC tool and FubuMVC.
  • Chad Myers – Chad’s posts are always very cohesive and well written, and along with Jimmy Bogard was one of the first blog-authors to inspire me with their work. His blog often covers topics like TDD, SOLID principles, and ALT.NET. Author of FubuMVC
  • Jan Van Ryswyck – Having only found Jan’s blogs on Elegant Code quite recently, it says quite a lot that he’s made it into my top list of blog-authors. His recent posts on fluent interfaces are typical of the inspirational pots he writes.
  • Ian Cooper – Ian’s blog contains some great material on persistence ignorance, nhibernate, TDD and BDD, and Linq. Less active than the bloggers above, but certainly worth adding to your feed-reader.

Other very good blog-authors to check out:


Whose blogs would you recommend?