Perfect is the enemy of the good

I’ve spent the last few evenings catching up on some of the posts on JP Boodhoo’s blog  (I’m still gutted that I can’t get the go-ahead from work to attend his Nothin’ but .NET Developer Boot Camp). In one of his posts, JP touches upon an issue that really plagues me; the trap of perfectionism.

I’ve often caught myself spending longer than appropriate trying to get something done “right” first time, when it would be far more pragmatic to try the simplest thing that works then refactor. If you catch me doing this (which won’t be hard, I think I do it a lot), you have my permission to slap me!

I think the trick is to making this work is doing “the simplest thing” rather than “the first thing that springs to mind that might work”. It’s also important to make small steps and refactor for this approach to work, keeping technical debt to a minimum.

It’s definitely something I need to work on.


About craigcav

Craig Cavalier works as a Software Developer for Liquid Frameworks in Houston Tx, developing field ticketing and job management solutions for industrial field service companies.

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