Upgrading a webforms project to an ASP.NET MVC application

In a newly created ASP.NET MVC application, Visual Studio is quite friendly to us, and provides us nice little menus for creating our controllers/views:

The New Project dialog box

This menu does is not provided however, for any existing apps that we may want to migrate to using ASP.NET MVC.

How can we tell Visual Studio to treat this web app as an ASP.NET MVC app? I couldn’t find an immediately obvious way to do this, and it took me more than a simple google search to figure this one out, so here’s what to do:

  1. Unload the web project (right clicking on the project within Visual Studio –> Unload Project)
  2. Find the tag <ProjectTypeGuids>
  3. Add the guid {603c0e0b-db56-11dc-be95-000d561079b0};
  4. Reload the project
  5. The new menus should now be available! (you should probably now go ahead and add the Controllers and Views folders)


Hopefully this helps someone else too!


*disclaimer* This worked for me, but I place no guarantees that it will work for you too!! If your computer explodes, your cat passes away, or you end up getting a divorce, please don’t blame me!  *disclaimer*


About craigcav

Craig Cavalier works as a Software Developer for Liquid Frameworks in Houston Tx, developing field ticketing and job management solutions for industrial field service companies.

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  1. I tried this and got an error since Visual Studio didn’t understand the project type. It seems the order of the GUIDs in the project file matter, if you make the GUID above the first GUID in then it works.

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