Why share knowledge?

I’ve been watching the Continuous Integration Workshop video that Eric Hexter and Jeffrey Palermo presented and that Headspring Systems kindly made available on their website.  Quite early into this video, Jeffery gives a refreshing perspective providing some insight into why Headspring are happy to share knowledge through mechanisms like OSS, free workshops and blogs.

We want to be working on problems that the industry hasn’t solved.

Jeffery mentions that at Headspring, they make use of many open source projects and that this allows them to focus on solving new problems, and move forward efficiently. This allows them to focus on delivering value to their customers rather than having to spend time re-inventing the wheel.

Having looked into this further, I found the following quote on Headsprings website:

Because so much of our efficiency comes from open-source sharing and re-use of successful code modules, we believe in the power of open source. So much so that we frequently share our own code with other developers; yes, even our competitors

They embrace giving back to the community – presenting the problems that they have solved, such that others may benefit in the same way.


I find this attitude very refreshing indeed.


About craigcav

Craig Cavalier works as a Software Developer for Liquid Frameworks in Houston Tx, developing field ticketing and job management solutions for industrial field service companies.

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  1. I totally agree. With initiatives like the recent ammouncement of the CodePlex Foundation, OSS use should be a viable business decision. If only we can convert the masses and turn the tide on opinions that OSS is unstable, buggy and better built inhouse!

  2. Glad we could help, and thank you for the kind words.

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