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Link-Listing – July 08

Since I’ve been distracted from blogging over the last few week (life’s been pretty hectic) I figured that to fill the gap left on my blog, I’d post create a link-listing to give some insight into the kind of things I’ve been reading when I get a few spare minute in the day. This should not only give a little more insight into my circle of interest to any of you who may be reading this, but it should also provide me a means to catalogue reference examples that have inspired me, in a way that doesn’t explode the favourites I’ve been storing in my web browser up until now!

Unit Testing and TDD
  • Arrange Act Assert and BDD specifications: A post describing how with the improved syntax of testing frameworks like Rhino Mocks 3.5, cleaner unit tests can be written, separating the the behaviour we want to observe from the mechanics of setting up tests.
Patterns and Practices

General Architecture
  • Classes that show up in every project: An insightful post by Jeremy D. Miller about common project layouts.
  • Advanced Domain Model queries using Linq: A series of posts by Luke Marshall detailing a solution to the problems between differences between Linq to objects and Linq to Sql that can arise when abstracting data access into generic repositories.
  • Default Architecture: Yves Goeleven provides a fantastic summary of a common architecture an project structure for modern applications.
Input & Business Rule Validation
  • Generic Validation: Another inspiring post from Udi Dahan, describing his proposed solution to a commonly found problem.
  • Input Validation vs.Business Rules Validation: Ayende Rahien’s take on the difference between input validation and business rules validation.
  • Entity validation: Yves Goeleven describes the validation techniques that can easily be used in a default repository implementation to include entity validation before changing their persistence state.

Hopefully you will find these links as useful and inspiring as I have!